Program and livestream

All evening concerts will be streamed by the Hitness Club:

Friday 17/06/2022, Festival opening at 20:30 in ZiMMT

Concerts in various combinations: Strings and voice, percussions, wind instruments, electronics.


Saturday 18/06/2022, Sound art exhibition from 14:00 till 17:00

With Magnete by Stefan Schleupner and M.E.S.O by Samuel Maßmann in Krudebude, Calm down and keep breathing by Robert Rehnig in Plast, Five Ghost Tracks by Frederike Moormann in Slug, Make Noise Not War by Anna Schimkat in the TV Studio of Hitness Club and FOLLOW ME by La Pesch in ZiMMT.

Saturday 18/06/2022, Mix&Match at 18:00

With Hans Arnold, Simon Schäfer, Izabela Kaldunska and Malo Moray in Krudebude, Ole Schmidt, Sébastien Branche, Andreas Nordheim and Karoline Schulz in Plast, Pina Bettina Rücker, Walburga Walde, Barnabas Herrmann and Michi Breitenbach in Slug and Marietheres Schneider, Martin Hesse, Chris Weinheimer and Martin Recker in the Tv Studio of Hitness Club.

Saturday 18/06/2022, evening programme at 21:00 in ZiMMT

The festival musicians* will be divided into 3 ensembles and play according to 3 concepts or frameworks for improvisation: one work with live instructions, one work about delays and one work with a tape made with recordings of the participating artists*. 


Sunday 19/06/2022, sound art exhibition from 14:00 till 17:00

With Frederike Moormann in Slug, Stefan Schleupner and Samuel Maßmann in Krudebude, Anna Schimkat in the TV Studio of Hitness Club, Robert Rehnig in Plast and La Pesch in ZiMMT.

Sunday 19/06/2022, Mix&Match at 18:00

With Izabela Kaldunska, Chris Weinheimer, Karoline Schulz and Walburga Walde in Krudebude, Barnabas Herrmann, Jonas Petry, Andreas Nordheim and Ole Schmidt in Plast, Martin Hesse, Pina Bettina Rücker, Hans Arnold and Martin Recker in Slug and Michi Breitenbach, Simon Schäfer, Malo Moray, Marietheres Schneider and Sébastien Branche in the Tv Studio of Hitness Club.

Sunday 19/06/2022, Evening programme at 21:00 in ZiMMT

The ensemble Modèle Réduit presents a programme of improvisation and compositions. The members of the ensemble met at our festival and have been working together since 2020.
With: Andreas Nordheim, Chris Weinheimer, Hans Arnold, Marietheres Schneider, Ole Schmidt, Pina Bettina Rücker, Sébastien Branche and Walburga Walde.